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The official website of NFL, the Cardinals Duhem Buchanan cloth ankle surgery, rugby nest last month, the first round of Cardinals drafted linebacker Hassan Reddick (Haason Reddick), and his debut may arrive earlier than expected, to the top of Duhem - Buchanan (Deone Bucannon) position. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said on Tuesday the United States time, Buchanan due to the ankle injury surgery. He entered the injury reserve list last season because of the ankle problem. Arians also said that if the recovery is successful, hope Buchanan can return to the team the cloth at the start of the regular season. Buchanan training camp will be confined to the field for most of the time. This gives Reddick more opportunities to show his defensive ability and win more opportunities. previously executed Duhem Buchanan cardinals in 2018 option. Carlos - Dansby (Karlos Dansby) will be the first line-up on the other side. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | patriot new aid: to become Gelon side of the "Robi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n" | Rugby the new England patriots in the offseason to star tight end matru Lawrence Bennet from trading Chicago bears (Martellus Bennett), his arrival is a patriot has rediscovered a deadly opponent double tight end, he will be the new season and rob Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) based Cowes together to become a patriot the core of offensive weapons. Bennet is doing my own over the years has been the number one team in the proximal to the front, he will naturally in the Patriot glycopyrronium behind him, but he did not have any objection to help Gelon he said, when the ESPN interview Wednesday: can play together with Gelon I was actually quite excited, because I was pressure the not so big as before. Gelon is Batman, I am Robin around him, so I have no idea, just trying to train, strive to become stronger every day. He is a top player, the new season so I certainly will not be double. patriots coach Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) for the double tight end love as we all know, the past few years he had created by Aaron Hernandez and Marcus (Aaron Hernandez) composed of two proximal front combination, but later Hernandez was off problems but now the Patriots finally has chained and thrown into prison, this scene, this will let the team's defensive coordinator headache. Bennet continued, "I haven't yet figuring out exactly what my role is in the team. They are now letting me try different positions and roles, many of which I have never tried before, so I am very excited. They are transforming me and expanding my skills package.The official website of NFL | watts touchdown will celebrate the ball at the grandstand was fined | Rugby Houston Dezhou team defensive striker J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans team several times hit the quarterback, including Titans quarterback Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN that was injured, but not so fine. , on the contrary, the alliance punished Watt this week. Because he threw the rugby into the stands, he was fined 5512 dollars. if a player stands to throw the ball will be punished, but if the ball to the fans in the stands are not. Throwing football away will not be regarded as a violation of the rules of alliance. But when the alliance considers the safety of the audience, they will be busy fighting for it, which may lead to a safety accident. obviously, although the MAGOTAN Berg injured, but he was not punished; but be punished in the stands may lead to injury behavior.The official website of NFL |NFL ten history the greatest football wide receiver | the elites who entered the league in the first ten years of twenty-first Century have left one after another. Last summer, Patrick Willis, is the first of the season Charles Woodson season season after his retirement, and then is the beast Lynch February social network farewell, after Payton Manning's departure. Finally, Megatron also put at the end of the summer occupation career. Calvin - Johnson's retirement is the loss of NFL, and he is one of the most frightening contacts in history. He is almost the definition of large. By Megatron retired, we take a look over the greatest in history. 10. Raymond Bailey Baltimore Pony (1955-1967) , his technology is simply a textbook and unbelievable hands. NFL media expert Gil Brant said he was one of the people who saw Bailey's change hands. Bailey was good at solving problems with his brain. He standardized the pace of the relay and the distance from the defense. It was the embryonic form of the current line. In essence, Antonio Brown's success is thanks to the hall of fame player. Bailey's harsh details were required to help Brown grow, even after Bailey became the Dallas cowboy assistant coach. Brant talked about an interesting thing. One time Bailey said that our training field was not wide enough. I don't believe it, and then we've got a ruler to measure it. It's really 6 inches short! Bailey's contribution to the outside position is like Payton Manning's contribution to the quarterback position. In view of this, he defeated Michael, Andrew Irwin, including Johnson, the enemy into the list. 9. Malvin Harrison Indianapolis Pony (1996-2008) Harrison was thought to enter the hall of fame in T.O., but in fact, it was the first year that T.O. was qualified to qualify, and Harrison had been waiting for two years. Harrison's stability is beyond your imagination. When Manning was in grade two, Harrison's career began to take off. Then until 2006, he steadily contributed to the four digit catch number and two digit scale every year. 8. Calvin Johnson Detroit lion (2007-2015) does not consider his short career (9 seasons), at least and 〉

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