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U. S. time November 23rd at 1 p.m., the new England patriots are facing the challenge of the Detroit lions at home. The patriots have to get six in a row, while the lions lost to the Arizona Cardinals last week. The outstanding patriot Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray), who had a good performance in the last match, was late for Friday's training and the team was banned from the team. Ran Wei Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) will usher in the season in the Patriot debut. Patriot of the second quarter, the final 34:9 win over the lions. The lion did not pick up the offense, quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) and his two main receivers have several successful connection, whether it is "Megatron" - Kelvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) and Gordon Tate (Golden Tate). lions first began to attack Staffordshire and running back Joe - Baer (Joique Bell) and Ike came with 8 attack run, advancing 50 yards. A 48 - yard shot was 3 points for the male lion. After a few offensive teams have not succeeded in tearing the opponent's defense, until the first game there are 5 min cheap nfl jerseys free shipping utes, Patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and his catchers have found a sense of continuous rapid advance pass. The league's first male lion did not play the slightest spirit, often leaking. Finally, Brady passed a pass to find the near - end Tim White (Tim Wright). The Patriot 7:3 took the lead in the second quarter. In the second section of , patriots broke out in an all-round way and cut down 17 points on a single section. From the beginning of the second quarter, the lion was in the red area of the patriot and had not finished the attack several times in a row, only a 20 yard shot was scored 3 points. After a reversal of the attack, the Patriot launched a return to attack from a 81 yard attack by Danny Danny Amendola, which laid the foundation for the deployment. Finally, Blount completed the 3 yard touchdown. In the second quarter when there are 7 minutes to get the ball again, the Patriots, Brady led the team and is the way the last stride forward singing militant songs for 8 yards, touchdowns and found White, this time around White or not a lion defender. Before the midfield, the Patriot scored a 35 - yard shot and entered the second half with a 18 point lead. third, lion defense finally had some improvement, especially in the first half of the Patriots offensive, trying to rob Kowski - Marcus Brady (Rob Gronkowski), but the lion in the 2 yard line was stole. But the lion's attack is still out of shape. In the second half of the third quarter, the Patriot shot the score to 22 points in one shot. In the last game, the lion was first scored by a 49 - yard shot. But in 11 minutes and 36 seconds, a strong attack on the 4 gear, a major fault in Staffordshire, is on the first line.former San Diego lightning offensive coordinator Frank - Lai Ke (Frank Reich) will join the Philadelphia hawks coach group. After the appointment of the chief coach of Doug - Pedersen (Doug Pederson), the hawk quickly finalized the offensive coordinator. Ryan has been working for lightning for the last 2 seasons, and he was fired earlier this month because the team was only 4 - 12 in the season. The lightning team continued to issue, but the team's attack remained in the League ninth, including the League fourth's pass. The bad ground attack and scoring ability may be one of the reasons why lightning decides to give up Ryan. New rookie Melvin - Gordon (Melvin Gordon) is unable to adapt to the lightning attack system, and the team also wants to design different tactics for him. After joined the hawk, Ryan still faced a lot of questions: can Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) renew its contract? Can De Marco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) stay in the team? How to use Ryan Mathews? The hawk coaching team has been basically reorganized, and then they need to move their attention to the players.According to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported Friday, the free player safetys Laluoen - Landry (LaRon Landry) due to the violation of the doping rules will face the next season league 10 game suspension. 30 year old Landry last season with the Indianapolis colts, a total of 6 times he could debut in the league in all 87 players in the same position thirty-ninth. But the Colts or in the last month choose to cut Landry. is worth mentioning, Landry last season because of almost the same problem to eat 4 tickets for the ban. Although the safety in this free agent market is very scarce, but the first round of the 2007 6 rookie did not attract too many people's eyes. Landry has shown a decline in the last season, so the 10 game ban is likely to be a serious blow to his career.Dwayne Johnson (Dwayne Johnson) can understand Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians). the former occupation wrestler, now the Hollywood star is the Arizona Cardinals coach loyal fans. Johnson Sunday night on twitter said he was "willing to play" for this person also posted a Arians on the NFL website documentary footage. Johnson still pushing the # no risk (#NoRiskIt) and # he (#NoBiscuit). This is the motto of his Arians love adventure, in tactical command, if successful will have amazing results. Johnson spent his college Rugby career in University of Miami. He helped the team win the national championship in 1991. He joined the training team of the Canadian Rugby League in Calgary in 1995.

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