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The official website of NFL | tiger attack coach expect Dalton to play well | football quarterback is now the playoff time in Cincinnati in the past three seasons, the playoff time merely means that the people of Cincinnati can enjoy a week of football, will begin after the 7 month long off-season. however, this year Cincinnati tigers for their offseason will not be like in recent years so early optimism. They have different reasons for each of these emotions. , for attack coordinator Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson), is a trust for his quarterback. He believes that the tiger will win the Indianapolis pony in the next match, and has entered the final week since the 1990 season. His expectation is that the team will go further. I'll see a quarterback that can win, that's what, Jackson said in an interview Monday afternoon. It's time to win. It's the time to win. He also said. We know the taste of the loss. Let's try the taste of the winner. when the tigers last won the playoffs, the quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) was only a 3 year old. Even the patient Jackson, the offensive coordinator, who could get the opportunity to get the main coach a few years later, was just starting his career. In January 1991 when he was working in the California State University, California State University Fullerton young coach a green hand. made Jackson confident that Dalton would play well in the next game because the quarterback understood his role in the tigers attack team. The tigers' attack cheap nfl jerseys free shipping system relied on the punching ball in the last few weeks, relieving Dalton's enormous pressure on his shoulders. The tigers have more than 100 yards in 6 games in the last 7 games. In 2 of them, their number of punched balls was more than 200 yards. While attacking the ball, the tigers became a real fault machine in the passing of the ball, and Dalton had 4 passes in the last 3 games. In 17-27 minutes against Pittsburgh Steelers game, ACE Green (A.J. Green A.J. and took off the ball) be inopportune or inappropriate for the team made the first offensive one after the ball, this should be able to sustain the momentum of the tiger. still believed in his quarterback other than Jackson's vowed to solve. Andy - Dalton is an excellent quarterback with a bright future, Jackson said. I know he was a lot of criticism, I also know that when things go wrong and he will be under great pressure. He should also be under pressure. He served as a quarterback. He knew that, and he knew it. We understand that the players in this position have to do well to let us win these games. He's going to have a good performance. when the playoffs are discussed naturally 〉NFL official website, social media outside the red over the free market, the speaker intends to rugby wo Redskins wide receiver Pierre pine (Pierre Garcon) the day before in their own Instagram to ask #YALLHIRING?. , in the final analysis, is saying that the team does not want to leave the Garr hole that is about to be a free player. There are 15 days, Garzon agent and the other team can start negotiations. But the red skin is still waiting. ?????????????????šČ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? So the cost of keeping the two people needed is also to be considered. time will tell us everything. The 2016 season is Garzon completed 116 passes, 79 ball, 1041 yards and 3 touchdowns. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.the fourth week of the regular season has been opened. Let's look at the team's strength around the fourth week. This week, the strength of the standings, packers and Panthers are a serious decline, the dolphin is down 11. Last week, the Seahawks lost to the Broncos also gave the top position, has remained stable since the start of the tiger leapt to the top, also made three matches of the eagles and cardinals followed. The Steelers veteran team achieved a victory in the last week, also ranked the forefront of regression. For specific rankings, please look at the following table: 1. Cincinnati tigers  2. Philadelphia Eagle The Arizona Cardinals 3. San Diego 4. lightning 5. Seattle Seahawks 6. Denver wild horse 7. new England patriot 8. Chicago bear 9. Baltimore Raven 10. Atlanta Falcon 11. buffalo Bill 12. Pittsburgh Steelers 13. Carolina Panther 14. New Orleans saints 15. Detroit lion 16. Green Bay Packer 17. Indianapolis pony 18. 49 people in San Francisco, 19. New York jet 20. Dallas cowboy 21. New York giant 22. kkansas chief 23. Brown , Cleveland 24. Miami dolphin 25. from Dezhou, Houston 26. Washington Red 27. Tennessee Titan 28. Minnesota Viking 29. Saint Louis ram 30. Oakland Raider 31. Tampa Bay pirate 32. Jacksonville Jaguar- in fact, it's about simple mathematical calculations and complex negotiations. has allowed each team to spend 24 million dollars more in the free market this summer because of a new and lucrative TV relay. this makes this NFL feel a certain degree of distress. On 30 6, the NFL quarterback Andrew - LAK signed the highest salary in history - 6 years and 140 million, with an average salary of $23 million 300 thousand per season. Just two days later, NBA also broke the biggest contract -- Mike Conley has reached 5 years of $153 million maximum salary contract with memphis. NFL players complaining, saying he was "a bad sport". Rugby researchers are wondering why such a deal can be discussed over and over. All Internet users are in a frenzy. However, it is difficult to blame for those players on the NBA of the contract of the people Matthew fly into a rage, Della Vedova has prepared four year contract signed a $38 million, timofey Mozgov also broke the news received four years of 64 million - two people signed it in the finals of the seven minute war but grab No. Again, a big contract is placed in front of the players, and they have no reason to sign it. If the team manager keeps a single injury for an injury, he will be demoted to the centre of the second half of the season in the second half of the season, which is 64 million dollars. That's their right. actually happened in NFL, and we forgot about it. OK, those athletes who complain about NBA's spending spree and their experts should shift their frustration and confusion to solve the problems that have already been exposed. admittedly, NFL players do not have much money, but this is their own problem. Last season the NBA salary cap is $70 million, this season will rise to more than $94 million, and by the end of the 2017-18 season, that is the problem of 1 million in 7 million. NBA is a nearly perfect economy - they have increased their active funds by 50% in just three years, while maintaining the same cost. This is a perfect interpretation of inflation! As a result, the amount of the contract began to increase dramatically. In fact, NBA is not willing to suddenly see so dramatic changes, their intention is to cap growth rates to five years above -- ten years -- a little bit better every year. The result was rejected by the players' Union. "(a soaring wage cap) is not part of our plan." NBA President Adam Xiao Hua said during the all star game, "there will always be all kinds of unexpected results due to the partial salary cap. I don't know what these results will be." NBA's players got what they wanted, but in the end it inevitably led to internal backlash. The blessing of the salary cap, all this summer.

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