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Anthony with 03 generation platinum rings, Anthony opened his NBA occupation career, Anthony was removed from the League more than ten years of Denver, Nicks, now at the thunder continue to struggle for the ultimate dream of players. Compared with once known as the twins another superstar Anthony James, the road is bumpy, after a brief period of glory after the Nuggets, Anthony came to New York this metropolis, can be compared and prosperous here all, Anthony's personal achievement and failed to form a distinctive echo here. If the track continues to develop, the melon may not be able to enjoy the honor of retirement after retirement. Nash row two MVP, as the sun totem, a small whirlwind in NASH led alliance. Personal achievement and team contribution is concerned, there is no doubt that Nash should enjoy retirement benefits, but on the contrary, Nash jersey will never be retired in the sun. The Suns are the only league teams cancelled a retired in 90s, they launched a ring of honor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping this recognition behavior to reward those who contribute to the team's players, it is precisely because of this wonderful rule, like Barkley, KJ, Nash and Marta these great players are unable to enjoy retirement benefits. Ray Allen NBA the greatest three - point shooter in history - Ray Allen. Ray played a total occupation career bucks, supersonic, Celtics and heat of the four teams, players can peak, ray high light moment is the Celtics big three during the period, Pearce, and Garnett partner, they won a championship trophy, the player's ultimate dream. Can make a great contribution for the team Ray Allen failed to return the green army in terms of respect, the part makes the relationship broke up after the break, Pearce enjoyed retirement benefits, Ray Allen Jersey complete the idea of retirement at Celtic completely become a bubble. MaddieThe official website of NFL | Mccoy: still eager to participate in the playoffs | football review of the 2009 draft, Philadelphia selected two eagles offensive team: wide receiver Jeremy Mclean Foundation (Jeremy Maclin) and Sean - Mccoy Weile run (LeSean McCoy). 5 years later, two people still haven't tasted the taste of winning the playoffs. after the end of the season, Mclean will be a free player. But both he and Mccoy said they wanted to be a member of the hawk and win in the playoffs. Mccoy said: it's hard. Every year we fight for the playoffs. Our goal is not only to get into the playoffs, but we also want to win the next game. I hope to be able to make a breakthrough in the future, and the goal is still a super bowl. Mccoy revealed that he still yearns for a playoff victory, and his dream has always been to win the Super Bowl: I have been thinking about this and have been longing for victory. We need to go on, although we are not doing well this season. It's a pity that Mccoy can only put his wishes on the next season. As for Mclean, he will be the number one eagle offseason goals.NFL announced the three match schedule of the 2015 London international event on Thursday. Miami dolphins sits at fourth weeks of home court against New York jets, seventh weeks against the Jacksonville Jaguars from the Buffalo Bill team, eighth weeks of the Kansas City Chiefs as the home team against the Detroit lions. , which is more interesting, is that the dolphin and jet fleet will be the first subregional civil war in the history of the London race. this season has ended the match by two London dolphins team defeated the Oakland Raiders, the Detroit lions reversed the Atlanta falcons, and this week will be the "American team" of the Dallas cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars game. also saw that the jaguars, the dolphins and the lions will be the team to visit London in a row. This will be an important strategy for NFL to move towards international promotion.The official website of NFL | Cutler: do not use any | football trading foty recently, the Chicago bears Paowei (Matt Forte) - Matt Foti was involved in trade rumors. The all-around guard, who is good at catching the ball, will be a free player in 2016. The bear team's other attack core, Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler), was obviously dismissive of the rumours of the deal. Cutler said, "if it was me, I wouldn't trade anyone with him." He is a full third running back, but also responsible for the protection of. He made a lot of contributions in the pass attack, and you can arrange him in any position in front of any defense. He did very well, the most trustworthy attacking player of the team. as of this week, the red ball team Forti bear 72.4%, and gained 75.4% rushing yards, two items of data are listed first in the league. The player, who has already entered the League for 8 seasons, is trying to play 21 times. Foti, who is about to reach 30 years of age in December, remains the top of Cutler's most trustworthy list. The trade deadline is located on November 3rd local time, and the bear team is still considering the possibility of trading.

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