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Tony Romo, who doesn't care about back injuries and training for the rest of the season, is ready to start a golf career this year. , the CBS current commentator will take part in the PGA tour in Dominica next month. He has been granted a sponsor's exemption from the competition. The competition will be held in 3.22-3.25. ROM had tried three times to qualify for the United States open, and at present his score was -0.3. "as a professional athlete, the desire for competition will remain in my heart forever." "Golf takes up most of my enthusiasm outside of the family and the rugby," he said in an interview. The chance to have a chance to participate in the PGA tour is really a dream come true. Thank you very much for giving me such a chance to compete with the first class players.The official website of NFL | Charles outstanding performance to help the team win: I want to learn | football to Lynch this week, the Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs game can be regarded as the league's top two running backs duel. F cheap nfl jerseys free shipping inally, Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) - Lynch Sean's performance than (Marshawn Lynch) better, the chief to 24-20 won a decisive victory. Charles had often dropped the ball early in his career, and he had overcome this weakness in recent years. In this week's game, he has seen the second drop of the season so far. After that, he said, "I have to learn how to control my rhythm and learn to stop myself. I think I have done too much at times, and I have to learn from Ma Sean how to control the ball and how to go on. This can make me better. although the Seahawks by Charles dropped the ball once caught scoring opportunities, but Charles in the fourth quarter by a 47 yard rushing for the team's winning touchdown basis. Lynch had a chance to be a hero in the game, but he failed in the face of 1 yards in the 4 gear and failed to save the team. In this game, Charles ball 20 times, all close to 8 yards. He says: every time I drop the ball, I ask myself to do more and better. I have to keep hungry.The official website of NFL, Seattle's most famous xiaopang, every week and children 's Hospital "date" in football wo NFL has been in the competition for more than a month, and has come to the annual breast cancer care month. The players, as a public figure, naturally want to do public welfare and bring their best side to you. It is now NFL headliners Newton Kamm or JJ- Watt, are in the public's view of love doing charity. The today for us, is the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson headed some public small story , at night, the doctor asked Allison's mother whether Jovy wanted to find a chair to sit down. She thought she had been in the emergency room for several hours, so sitting at this time would not help. Even so, the doctor insisted that she would find a chair to sit down first. was sitting down and Jovy began to panic. She knew that the Allison was reported, and it was absolutely not good news. The next few minutes, Jovy head, listen to the doctor said he didn't know the symptoms, patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. The doctor gave a list of donors for heart transplantation. The abdominal pain before Allison is just a representation. The next paragraph of the doctor's Jovy can't bear it: her heart is failing. Alison is a 11 year old girl from Sheldon, Washington. He will have to stay in Seattle children's hospital until the right donor. Every Tuesday, Alison will feel the atmosphere outside the corridor. Russell Wilson is here, and the nurses will tell her. The Seahawks quarterback every Tuesday to spend time with those sick children in hospital. every week, Alison is looking forward to seeing him. Until September 24th, the nurse came out with a smile and said, "there is a visit to you today, oh ." then, he came in, the quarterback of Alison's favorite NFL team. Wilson brought gifts and souvenirs, a signed rugby, a poster, together with Wilson's wife, asking if Alison's relatives can help her. Wilson sits on the side of the bed and holds out his hand. Hi, I'm Russell. How do you feel now? Eve - Ko park first thought it was just a phone prank. Russell - Wilson? Who is this? I haven't heard of it. Werwilson to children's hospital introduced himself as a player of the year for the Seahawks draft pick, and staff to express themselves to become a member of the city's desire, he began to think from the children's Hospital of Seattle charity is a very good start, he wants to let more people feel joy and.The official website of NFL | Ryan Fitzpatrick hand injury | football New York jet's quarterback Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) left his left hand on Sunday against the Oakland Raider. Since then keno Smith (Geno Smith) is on the bench. Fitzpatrick's injury was to avoid an arrest. His left hand caught the defensive player's clothes. Maybe this is the injury. After that he went down and went back to the field to finish 2 offensive tactics. The departure of Fitzpatrick caused the jet to lose 20 to 34 to the Raider. After the game, the coach said Fitzpatrick could be a ligament problem in the hand, and it would need to be further confirmed by next Monday's MRI.

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